There’s a quiet revolution happening in the way we die. More than 1.5 million Americans a year die in hospice care — nearly 44 percent of all deaths — and a vast industry has sprung up to meet the growing demand. Once viewed as a New Age indulgence, hospice is now a $17 billion business and one of the most successful segments in health care.

Changing The Way We Die takes a penetrating look at the hospice landscape through gripping stories of patients, families, doctors and the corporate giants that increasingly own the market.

Sheila and I are old friends and colleagues. Our fathers died around the same time, hers in hospice care and mine in a hospital. Our conversations about our very different experiences planted the seeds for the book.

Hospice at its best is much more than a way to relieve the suffering of dying. It is a way to life. We wrote the book to be a resource for families and patients trying to choose end-of-life care wisely and for everyone who wants to be prepared to face life’s most challenging and universal event.

Changing the Way We Die is a vital resource.

Learn what you need to know before you need to know it.